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I love this product so much that I recommend it to all of my students and mastermind members."

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What You Get:

The World's Biggest Websites
AT&T, ABC, FOX, NBC, the AP Wire, Google News, MSN, Yahoo!, Barchart, Globe and Mail, CenturyLink and hundreds of other brands!
Your Own Professional Newsroom
This impressive, customizable page displays your news and corporate info
White Label PDF Reports
Impress clients and coworkers by placing your own brand on your release reports. These include a formatted copy of your release, the websites you were featured on, demographic information from Facebook and more
"Reverse Research" Keyword Spy Tool
Tell it what sites are ranking where you want to be. It can find nearly unlimited Google traffic
Optimize for Local SEO
We teach you how to add rich media embeds, JSON-LD Schema and other simple techniques to boost your local rankings
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Their Done For You service made it completely hands-free!"

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Additional Features:

Built-in Retargeting Ads
Add your retargeting pixels to every release. Stay in front of your customers, all across the Internet
Done-for-You Facebook Ads
For an additional fee, we'll create a Facebook ad for your press release that's targeted to your exact customer
US-Based Account Representatives
If you ever have a question, your account representative is here to offer detailed advice (not just cookie-cutter responses like traditional support)
Online Training Center
Get exclusive access to our secret techniques for ranking on search engines. Watch step-by-step videos and read detailed public relations guides
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The best part was that their Done For You service made it completely hands-free!

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Cory Michael Sanchez, Founder @ Mojo Global

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Bradley Benner, SEO Expert and Co-Founder @ Semantic Mastery

Cory Michael Sanchez, Founder @ Mojo Global

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"The "written for you" option Press Advantage offers is great!

You just provide a little snippet of info related to your topic and they do all the research.

I've done over 130 releases through Press Advantage and the quality of the writing is top notch!"

Elias Russell
JGM Properties

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"I submitted my press release to Press Advantage and I had 2 first page rankings for a huge launch keyword within hours!"

Dori Friend
CEO, SEO Nitro

Questions and Concerns

What is Press Advantage?

Press Advantage is a Full-Service Press Release distribution service.

We have known about the power of press releases for years, but we realized that many businesses don't have the internal know-how to write a press release.

We created Press Advantage because businesses shouldn't have to know how to write a press release. We'll do that for you so you can get your news out there!

Who Are You Guys, Anyways?

We are Velluto Tech Incubator, an elite team founded in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2011. We build cloud-hosted software that helps businesses win new customers online.

For the first few years, we focused mostly on Search Engine Optimization in all types of different niches. We learned the ins and outs of how to rank just about anything in Google, and built awesome software to help other people do it too. Over 1,000 businesses use our software to run their marketing.

Now, one of the easiest ways to rank in Google is to submit a press release, and over the years, we tossed around the idea of starting our own Press Release distribution service. We like to do things a certain way to ensure great results, and most distribution companies just don't do things the way we feel they should be done.

When our customers get results, our own business succeeds. If that means we have to sell premium services at a discount, so be it. Our goal was to start from scratch and put together a press service that works really well for a reasonable price. But it doesn't end there.

Long story short, we built Press Advantage to be the most done-for-you press service that WE always dreamed of.

Are there any long term contracts?

Absolutely not!

Press Advantage is a monthly subscription service, and you receive new press release credits every month.

You can cancel at any time for any reason whatsoever.  You don't even have to talk to us, simply click on the 'Cancel Account' button in your member area, and we won't bill you again.

What if I'm not happy with my results?

We are absolutely convinced you'll be thrilled with the results from your press release campaigns.

But in the off chance you're not completely happy, we'll do whatever we can to fix it.  You can even get a strategy session with one of the company founders for free.

What if I want my money back?

If you are unhappy, have a financial crunch, or are just plain done with press releases, we have a no questions asked money back guarantee.

All you have to do is cancel your account in your members area and send us a note asking for a refund, and we will refund your most recent monthly subscription fee.

What can I use an unlimited account for?

You can use your unlimited Press Releases for anything related to your business. You can't resell them and you can't use them for businesses that you don't own or work for. This includes using them for link building for third parties, promoting third party websites, and so on.

If you own more than one company, you can absolutely use the unlimited account for any of them, or all of them.

We will contact you if we believe that you are misusing an unlimited account, and we may cancel service or convert you to a standard rate account at our discretion.

What if I need more press releases?

If you run out of press release credits and need more, you can always buy extra credits for that month.

It's as easy as filling out the exact same writing instruction form you would anyways and opting to pay for an extra release instead of scheduling it for a time when you have more credits.

What's included in the support service?

You get full access to our support desk 24/7.  We respond as quickly as we can.  The owners of the company keep an eye on every question and make sure that you get a great answer in no time at all.

If you ever feel unhappy with an answer, you can schedule a call with us and we'll do whatever we can for you.

What exactly do I get when I sign up?

You'll get all this and more:

  • World-Class Press Releases written by talented, US-based writing professionals (a $591 value)
  • Distribution to Hundreds of Prestigious News Outlets: local ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX TV stations, Yahoo!, Digital Journal, and even papers like the Boston Globe, Miami Herald and more...
  • The "Bulletproof Local News System", A 37-page fill-in sales letter and guide to attracting local marketing clients ($49 value - FREE!)
  • Access to our "Reverse Research" Keyword Spy Tool, in development for 5+ years ($588 per year value - FREE)
  • The "Press Release Print Shop" training, that teaches you everything from riveting headlines, proper PR etiquette, and how to develop relationships with local TV and newspapers to expand your stories reach! ($49 value - FREE)
  • Our "Secret Sauce" Powerful SEO Promotion that ranks the releases in Google (no one else comes even close to providing this!)
  • Personalized Writing Instructions so you'll get the exact, detailed stories you're looking for
  • Google News pickups guaranteed, every time.
  • Retargeting & Pixel Embed Capabilities so you can keep advertising to prospects even if they don't buy right away!
  • Fast, Client-Friendly Self Updating Dynamic Reports of every news outlet that publishes your stories
  • Video and Image Support to increase ranking power and make you and your release look great...
  • Caring, Intelligent, US-based Account Reps who will bend over backward to personally help you win customers in your niche

Are there any SEO benefits to Press Advantage?


When you distribute a press release on Press Advantage, you'll receive links from many high-authority news sites all over the Internet.

These links signal to the search engines that your content is popular.

Are your writers any good?

Our writing team is a group of top notch US-Based writers.  You won't get low quality spammy content from us.

You also won't pay an arm and a leg for a great press release.  Unlike the competition, we don't charge hundreds of dollars for writing your press release.

Backed by our expert editorial staff, your release is crafted to your exact instructions and it won't hit the news wire until you're completely satisfied.

Do I have to use your writing services?

No!  If you prefer to write your own Press Releases, we're happy to distribute them for you.

A word of warning though-- if you write them yourself, be SURE that they'll pass muster with the PR wire. If the release gets rejected, we'll have to send it back to you for a rewrite.

But don't worry, we have detailed guidelines that you can use when writing your release.

Can I include links in my press release?

Yes! We allow you to use up to three links in your press release.

We recommend that you don't use all 3 for SEO keywords though, because that can make your release look spammy. We recommend 1 brand link, 1 naked link (URL only), and 1 keyword link per release.

How will I know which news outlets picked up my release?

We provide a comprehensive distribution report to you as soon as the release is sent out to the newswires.

We also send this to you via email. As additional pickups come out over time, we send you additional emails detailing the new pickups.

How can I schedule press releases out into the future?

After opening your account, you simply log in and input orders for as many press releases as you'd like. We'll drip them out over time, according to the number of releases included in your plan.

Do you have any sort of upgrades?

Absolutely.  If you want to get even better reach, we have an upgrade to premium distribution.  This places your release on Yahoo! Finance, NASDAQ, and other financial newswires.

All you have to do is select premium distribution when you're ordering your press release.  If you forget, or just want to upgrade an older release, we have you covered.  Just click on the 'upgrade' link on your published release and you're all set.

So what are you waiting for?