Premier Drug Rehab SEO Company Helps People Struggling with an Addiction Find Treatment

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Traverse City, Michigan -

MasterMindSEO, a digital marketing agency based in Traverse City, MI, that continues to lead in addiction treatment marketing, has the mission of helping people struggling with addiction find the treatment that allows them to start their journey towards recovery. The company continues to be the best in SEO results for drug rehab facilities, from ranking Google Business Profiles in the most competitive cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, and Dallas to dominating the search engine results pages (SERPS) for their clients. They want o to emphasize that all those efforts have been motivated by the desire to help those who are looking for an appropriate treatment facility either for themselves or their loved ones.

Stephen Twomeythe , founder of MasterMindSEO, had this to say about why he got into the addiction treatment marketing space, "The rehab marketing space for us is very personal to us, as we have a family member who is an addict. MasterMind got into the space because we wanted people who are struggling with addiction to find quality addiction treatment centers. Having done lead generation for lots of different centers across the country, we have seen good ones and not-so-good ones. Our chief aim is to pair qualified mental health and substance abuse treatment centers with people who are a match for their services."

MasterMindSEO addiction treatment marketinga agency

They want to point out that the key to successful SEO for addiction treatment centers is a multi-faced approach that includes: Facebook ads that will drive new patients into the client’s recovery programs, typically from retargeting; pay-per-click marketing for drug and alcohol rehab; and content marketing and SEO activities to drive results from Google search.

They also want to emphasize that having quality content on the website is not enough. It is like someone going to a party and simply hoping that someone will notice them. That person will need to introduce themselves to groups that they consider to be interesting in order to get noticed fast. In online marketing, this is done through on-page SEO, which is an area of expertise for the SEO pros at MasterMindSEO. This has to do with structuring the site content in such a way that it makes it easier for the search engines to understand what the site is all about.

Meanwhile, MasterMindSEO offers a free evaluation of a particular website and makes some recommendations for better SEO. An important aspect of SEO is having good-quality links. Twomey had this to say, "MasterMind creates well-written and competition benchmarked copy for the website, create industry-specific links, and promote the Google Maps locations in such a way that the whole entity gets a lift in the search results. Links are an important factor, but not the only factor when it comes to organic search engine optimization for substance abuse treatment facilities. This is where a professional SEO company can be of assistance because they use tools that can check if those sites have good quality metrics and if they are really a website that will send real traffic."

A good SEO company will also know what to do in terms of keyword density and the proper use of “no follow and “do follow” links to such that they have a positive impact on SEO rankings. And the SEO task does not stop after the site has attained the number one slot. There is a constant struggle for companies in the same industry or niche to reach the top spot. Stopping the SEO process will allow competitors to catch up and ultimately get to the top, leaving one’s company behind in terms of search engine ranking.

Started in 2013, MasterMindSEO has a team of digital marketing experts in digital marketing whose work have already been featured in a number of online publications, including Forbes, Entrepreneur,, and many others. They are capable of providing services for lead generation, content marketing, organic SEO, outreach for white hat link building, Facebook Ads, and more. They specialize in driving results to boost the business of their clients. They have a lot of experience in launching digital marketing campaigns for national, e-commerce, local, and regional business enterprises.

People who would like to know more about their services, such as rehab center marketing, can visit the MasterMindSEO website, or contact them through the telephone or via email.

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About MasterMindSEO :

MasterMindSEO is an industry leading Search Engine Optimization and Google Maps marketing company. We focus on building out content marketing campaigns for national and local companies that generate sales.

Contact MasterMindSEO:

Stephen Twomey

827 W Front St Suite 101
Traverse City, MI 49684


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