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Property owners in Dulles, VA may now turn to Pro-Mow, Inc. for comprehensive lawn care and maintenance services. The company makes it a point to orient their work according to a customer’s convenience, accommodating their schedules, preferences and more wherever possible.

Today, anyone can contact Pro-Mow, Inc. to schedule a weekly lawn mowing service, carried out by the company’s experienced professionals. Regardless of the property type, size, landscaping and so on, customers may expect the company to handle every challenge with professional grace and courtesy. No job is too big or too small, and homeowners in particular can rest assured that their lawns are in good hands with Pro-Mow, Inc.

Pro-Mow, Inc. Lawn Maintenance

The company confirms that they are available for every viable week of Spring, Summer and Fall. Since lawns rarely come unadorned, the company adds that they will trim around (permanent) decorations, perimeter fences, A/C units and more when necessary. This process ensures that lawns are left neat and tidy, especially since the company also takes it upon themselves to clean up all clippings once they are done.

Further, should an area not be accessible by mower, it will be trimmed manually. The company says they employ string trimmers in such circumstances.

“We understand that you want a lawn mowing service to help keep your property looking its best,” notes Pro-Mow, Inc. “Where others may leave clippings where they fall, we believe that your home’s appearance will always benefit from a little cleanup. As such, you will always see us checking your lawn, driveway and the surrounding sidewalks for clippings once a job is complete. Our work isn’t done until your lawn looks immaculate.”

According to the company, a mowing session can be scheduled every seven days, the exact timing of which can be coordinated between customer and team in order to ensure the former will have to endure no inconveniences simply to enjoy a fresh-cut lawn. Regular maintenance of this sort is also a great way to promote healthy turf as it maintains an appropriate height.

While a property may change hands over the years, its needs may not, and the company has helped new owners on several occasions. “So far, so good,” shares Mike R. in a review of the company. “The prior owner recommended this service, and because of how nice the lawn looked, we decided to continue ourselves. They made quick work of the lawn and didn’t leave any major traces of clippings. Definitely seems to be worth the price for the maintenance plan and weekly mowings.”

This is also not the only customer who wrote a review some time after first experiencing what it is like to work with Pro-Mow, Inc. Jessica H. says, “We hired Pro-Mow to mow our lawn a month ago, and so far, it’s been a great experience! They have come every scheduled day on time, work fast and efficiently and have shown up rain or shine, which is amazing! We also told them we had two dogs, and they made a note in our file to shut the backyard gates when they’ve completed for the day. I thought that was really nice, as other companies we’ve worked with haven’t done that, and our dogs have gotten out from open gates before. I know we’re still fairly new customers, but so far it’s been a great experience.”

While the company strongly recommends having a lawn mowed at a strict, regular interval (typically every seven days), they acknowledge that circumstances may sometimes make this impossible. Should bad weather, customer unavailability, road closures or any other issue necessitate a delay, the company will attempt to stop by on the next business day to carry out their work. This also applies to Saturdays.

Customers who are interested in joining the weekly Pro-Mow, Inc. lawn maintenance program are invited to contact the company today to request an estimate. More information can be found on the official Pro-Mow, Inc. website, but customers may call the company’s main office as well to follow up on any further inquiries.

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