Watertight Homes Offers Damp Proofing Services in Wakefield England

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Derbyshire, England -

Watertight Homes, a company in Wakefield, UK, is pleased to announce they are offering damp proofing services for homes in Wakefield and neighbouring areas. They have a team of highly qualified and fully trained damp proofing specialists who can determine the root causes of damp and provide the necessary repair of the structural damage. Their team will conduct an initial evaluation and provide cost-effective solutions for the property. They can also provide basement and cellar conversions in Wakefield.

Damp areas in the home are typically caused by: condensation due to poor heating and ventilation bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens; rising damp with capillary action walls acting like a wicking process; and penetrating damp with water seeping up into walls from the ground up. Signs to watch out for include: salts within the plaster; rotting skirting boards and flooring; peeling paint or wallpaper flaky or bubbling plaster; damp stains and tide marks on walls; black and other discoloured mould spots on your walls or furniture; and a distinctive damp or musky smell around the property, which often sticks to clothes and other belongings. They want to stress that if any of these signs are observed, they should be treated seriously. If there are potential damping issues in the home or property, it is a good idea to contact Watertight Homes.

Watertight Homes

Mathew Milner, owner of Watertight Homes, says, “All of our damp proofing work and timber treatments are carried out by skilled technicians. We will provide detailed reports on all areas and quotations and will clearly show any work that is needed. If you feel that you require damp proofing due to damp issues in a property you own or worried about woodworm infestations, please give us a call today. Our team will be more than willing to give advice and arrange a survey to be carried out.”

The high quality of their services is attested to by the highly positive reviews they have been receiving. They currently have an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google and in one five-star review of Watertight Homes, Kit C. said, “Quotes were gathered in from various Damp companies and on the basis of cost and availability, Watertight won hands down. Not only this, but Mathew is exceptional too as are the two who showed up first thing this morning, did a great job, left it spotless before giving me a tour of their excellent work. There is more work to be done on the first floor and I wouldn’t hesitate to have Watertight back in to do this. Thank you Mathew and your team.”

Mathew Milner says, “Homes with damp issues pose health risks and structural damage. Protect your home from damp. Watertight Homes offers expert damp proofing in Wakefield. Damp proofing controls moisture, preventing damage caused by condensation, rising damp, and penetrating damp. Our specialists use injection treatments and coatings for effective results.”

The services they provide include: prompt diagnosis and treatment; structural damage and repair; basement and cellar conversions; damp proofing quotes and surveying; damp course installation; basement tanking and plastering; installation of cavity drainage membrane systems; and cellar waterproofing and conversion.

Founded in 2000, Watertight Homes provides damp proofing services and timber treatments and aims to deliver the highest level of service to their clients, which include local governments, large or small companies, housing associations, architects, and private home owners. The provide a comprehensive service that includes all damp proofing, timber preservation, basement conversions, commercial tanking, woodworm solutions, and wet and dry rot control. They offer a 10-year guarantee for their works with their damp proofing specialists committed to fixing any defect in the treatment at no extra cost to the client. Their service areas include: Leeds, Yorkshire, Huddersfield, Harrogate, Manchester, and Wakefield.

Those who are interested in learning more about the services provided by Watertight Homes - Wakefield can visit their website or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Thursday, and from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Fridays.

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About Watertight Homes :

Watertight Homes Ltd, a Property Care & Preservation Company serving Leeds, Manchester, and Yorkshire for 20+ years. Specialising in damp proofing, tanking, basement conversion, and more. Expert work from consultation to completion.

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Mathew Milner

2 Sandringham Drive, Tingley, Wakefield WF3 1FF

07843 099 906

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