Meet Positives Launches STD Dating App

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Chicago, Illinois -, based in the US, is pleased to announce their STD dating app is now available on the Google Play Store. As with the main website, the app offers a number of privacy features and options that can help people stay safe as they search for love.

The platform seeks to bring together people who might otherwise have felt their romantic aspirations were at an end. As the name suggests, is a dating platform that is geared towards STD-positive individuals. Their membership currently includes people with a wide variety of sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs), including gonorrhea, chlamydia and so on, but many will also recognize the platform primarily as a haven for people with herpes (the most common STI in the United States).

“If you have found yourself shying away from forming romantic connections following your diagnosis,” says, “we urge you to give our community a try. Many of the features you have come to expect and appreciate about online dating in general are present in our new app, with the main difference being that you are welcome with us even if you are positive for an STD.”

The platform goes on to explain, “In fact, we invite you specifically to join us if you are positive. As with any dating app worth your time, you can browse through possible connections based on a variety of tags, but where other apps stop after asking you for your identifiers and preferences, we go a few steps further. To begin with, we’ve invested even heavier in safeguarding you and your privacy. However, we have also made it possible for you to search for people with the same STD you have.” Start here: Download Meet Positives App.

This solution seems deceptively simple, but the platform has many firsthand accounts from happy members that it works as intended. In addition to greatly diminishing the concern of passing on the infection, says the people who can best empathize with someone who is positive for an STD are those who are dealing with this issue themselves.

A positive status also serves as another touchpoint on which two people can come together — a positive diagnosis can be life-changing, and this journey can be made much easier if it is shared with someone who understands it due to personal experience. says people often find it easier to build relationships when they have a lot of common ground, and a life-changing diagnosis tends to qualify as such. reminds users to consider that they will also have all the strengths of online dating at their disposal. Specific communities can find online dating particularly useful, for instance, due to the tailored algorithms and profile customization options, all of which exist on These features help users refine their matches based on common interests, hobbies and values (in addition to their positive status), providing a higher chance of meeting like-minded individuals.

Similarly, communities with niche interests, such as avid gamers, film buffs or self-help enthusiasts, often struggle to find potential partners with similar passions. Online dating platforms broaden the dating pool by connecting individuals from similar communities worldwide, increasing the chances of finding a compatible match.

“We use a unique algorithm to lead you to matches who you have the highest chance of making a long-lasting connection with,” states “This process takes a wide number of variables into account, aiming to pair you with other individuals whose personalities will mesh well with yours.”

Many also turn to to find a support group. The member forums on the platform are home to many discussions about living with a positive diagnosis, including tips on healthcare, discussing the diagnosis with significant others and so on. All are welcome to participate in these. encourages the community to download the app or visit their official website to get started. More information about the app’s privacy controls, community and so on can be found here as well.

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