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Chicago, Illinois - is delighted to announce that their app is now available for download on the Google Play Store. As such, positive individuals can now seek romance and support through the convenience of their mobile device.

“MeetPositives members have been clamoring for an app ever since the service first launched,” comments the platform. While the website was already making waves with its policy of inclusion, support and privacy, our members knew that the experience could be made more convenient if it were available through a dedicated app. However, our experience building the website taught us that it had to be done the right way.”

This ‘right way,’ according to the platform, involves taking a large swathe of factors into account. While it may seem a simple matter to port the functionality of the website over to an app, the truth is somewhat more complicated, and this holds especially true given how sensitive the data involved can be.

“When you log on to MeetPositives,” they add, “you are effectively placing your trust in us. This is an enormous responsibility, and not one we take lightly. The same is true of our app. When you connect your profile to the Meet Positives app for the first time, it will likely be with the expectation that you will enjoy an experience that is as close to or even surpasses the website, both in terms of security as well as functionality. Fortunately, after a lot of hard work, we are proud to say this is exactly what the app delivers.” already has countless users from around the world, but the platform’s appeal lies in the fact that it is designed specifically to meet the needs of positive individuals. People living with STDs, for instance, often find themselves obliged to have difficult conversations with romantic partners at some point in the relationship.
Some will prefer to have ‘the talk’ early on (a discussion wherein the partner is informed about the STD-positive diagnosis), and some may prefer to wait until it becomes relevant, such as when they plan to be intimate in the near future. Whatever the case may be, this talk is almost always difficult and awkward, and many understand it has the potential to end a relationship for good. However, this need not be the case.

According to, the people who best understand what it is like living with a positive diagnosis are other positive individuals. This means that romantic partners from this population are consequently more likely to have common ground as well as a deep-seated reason to support each other. Most notably for relationships that are still maturing, there is virtually no need to have the talk.

Those who have been recently diagnosed — or have had partners walk away after learning of their diagnosis — may feel that they are seeking a romantic connection with an insurmountable weight holding them back. With, however, they can level the playing field and interact with potential partners without being hampered by their positive status.

Today, thanks to the app, it is easier than ever to get started. A member or new user can download the app and then connect or create their profile. After including the usual details, such as their name and orientation, they will be prompted to indicate what their positive status is for. This information is crucial for the platform to work its magic. explains that their unique algorithm pairs users based on a number of characteristics, not the least of which is their positive status. Many already consider to be a herpes dating website, for instance, given how popular it has proven among people looking for other herpes-positive individuals to have long-term relationships with.

Most notably, the platform seeks to match users who have the highest chances of forming a long-lasting bond. This priority has also served to make it popular among the communities it serves.

Anyone looking for a romantic connection or even support from other people in similar situations can download to get started. They are welcome to use either the app or the website to search for their significant other.

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Meet Positive is an alternative to dating and a second chance for positive singles who live with a sexually transmitted disease.


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