Pathmaker Plumbing Advocates for Pressure Awareness in Charlotte: High Water Pressure Raises Concerns for Homeowners

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Charlotte, NC –
Pathmaker Plumbing, a distinguished plumbing service provider serving the Charlotte community, is working to shed light on the pervasive issue of high water pressure in residential areas across the city. With Charlotte experiencing rapid urbanization and development, the prevalence of elevated water pressure poses significant risks to homeowners' plumbing infrastructure.

Understanding the dynamics of water pressure and thermal expansion is paramount in safeguarding residential plumbing systems. In Charlotte, water pressure is primarily influenced by the elevation of storage tanks relative to individual homes. As a result, homeowners may unwittingly contend with water pressure levels surpassing the [not recommended, required by code] recommended threshold of 80 pounds per square inch (psi).

John Stokes, Pathmaker Plumbing, owner and operator highlights the importance of comprehending the ramifications of high water pressure. "Contrary to popular belief, water pressure extends beyond mere shower comfort; it directly impacts the structural integrity of plumbing systems. Homeowners might perceive weak flow rates, yet be unaware of dangerously high water pressure levels," he elaborates. This is largely due to federally regulated flow restriction devices installed in all shower heads and faucets.

The repercussions of excessive water pressure are serious and range from burst pipes and water leaks to potential property damage. Identifying telltale signs of high water pressure is imperative for homeowners to proactively address potential risks. These signs may include persistent pipe noises, water hammering, and frequent leaks, but the most common sign is running toilets. Toilet fill valves are the canary in the coalmine for pressure issues, because they are the most often used fixture and are almost always made of plastic.

To mitigate the hazards associated with high water pressure and thermal expansion, Pathmaker Plumbing advocates for both awareness and proactive measures, including the installation of pressure-reducing valves and appropriately calibrated thermal expansion tanks. These valves play a pivotal role in regulating water pressure, thereby shielding plumbing systems from potential harm. “We check both for free on every visit”

When engaging with professional plumbers in Charlotte, homeowners are encouraged to inquire about the necessity of pressure-reducing valves and whether their plumbing infrastructure warrants replacement or upgrades. By taking preemptive action, homeowners can effectively reduce the likelihood of costly repairs and property damage attributable to high water pressure.

Pathmaker Plumbing remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering awareness and providing tailored solutions to address the challenges posed by high water pressure in Charlotte. By empowering homeowners with knowledge and resources, the company aims to fortify the resilience and longevity of residential plumbing systems throughout the city.

Pathmaker Plumbing is a trusted Charlotte plumber, dedicated to delivering unparalleled solutions customized to meet the unique needs of each customer. With an unwavering commitment to reliability, expertise, and customer satisfaction, Pathmaker Plumbing offers a comprehensive suite of services encompassing plumbing repairs, clogged drains, leak detection, and water heater services, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency of plumbing systems. For more information, please visit or contact our team directly at (704) 733-7507 for personalized assistance and expert guidance. We are committed to being your go-to plumbing partner in Charlotte, providing peace of mind and exceptional service every step of the way. Trust Pathmaker Plumbing for all residential plumbing needs, and experience the difference of working with a dedicated and knowledgeable team that prioritizes the customer's satisfaction above all else.

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