Free Roof Quote Offered to Connecticut Homeowners

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Connecticut-based SJ Winn Construction is offering the community an opportunity to receive a free quote for their next roofing project. The company, which is trusted by customers across the region, aims to help homeowners and more discover what is possible within their budget.

Free quotes are only one attribute of the company’s services that have endeared them to the community over the years. According to SJ Winn Construction, the team actively seeks to make every job as stress-free as possible for the customers, and a free, zero-obligation quote is only one of the means by which they achieve this. As such, SJ Winn Construction is also pleased to share a piece of feedback they received from a satisfied customer. The company strives to deliver on every front no matter what a project requires, and this ethos has led one customer to heap praise on the team for their efforts.

“We had a wall removed,” the customer explains in their Google review, “and they put up a beam and made it all look so natural. Scott gave a more than fair price! He and his workers arrived on time and finished the job that same day! They cleaned up, and when they were left, the only thing that was different was that the wall was gone. You wouldn't have been able to tell anyone was even there! I recommend SJ Winn to anyone that needs any type of roof work, construction or any type of fix in their homes! You won't be disappointed!”

This SJ Winn Construction customer review is only one of many, with many routinely praising the company for its responsiveness, timely completion of tasks, and even courteous, professional conduct. Severa also commends the team for their willingness to assist with insurance claims, which most homeowners will appreciate if their roof has suffered damage recently. In fact, it is recommended that anyone in need contact the company immediately if they notice an issue with their roof, especially after a storm, because certain steps can be taken to ensure no further damage takes place while the team assesses its full extent and works with the insurance provider.

“If your roof is struck by a tree branch or other piece of debris during bad weather,” the company states, “you should know that it can be protected to minimize the risk of additional damage while you talk to your insurer and get repairs started. SJ Winn Construction has helped many homeowners keep repair bills low by covering their roofs after an incident. You are our priority at all times, and we want nothing better than to make sure you can enjoy a sturdy, safe roof without exceeding your budget. Since insurers can sometimes take a while to get back to you, call us so an interim measure can be put in place. We can also talk to your insurer to help speed the process along.”

In addition to storm damage repair and restoration, SJ Winn Construction offers a wide range of services that are designed to keep the community’s roofs in peak condition. As a GAF-Certified roofer, for instance, they can provide customers access to products from the country’s top roofing and waterproofing materials manufacturer (General Aniline & Film), thereby ensuring both the durability and longevity of every roof they install. In some cases, a roof may be at the end of its lifespan (or have suffered too much damage), and this would be an opportunity to have it replaced. With SJ Winn Construction, roof replacements are much easier, and the company begins every project with a comprehensive inspection to confirm that this step is necessary.

SJ Winn Construction has built a reputation for trust and quality, and they invite homeowners to contact their representatives today to learn why. Alternatively, homeowners may look up what other customers have had to say over the years. Those who ultimately decide they wish to work with a professional, capable roofer are welcome to contact the company today to request a quote for any work they want done. Learn more here: Connecticut Free Roof Quote.

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About SJ Winn Construction :

SJ Winn Construction has been providing all manner of roofing services to property owners in the Connecticut community for over 15 years. Our team is GAF-certified and we pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of the roofing industry.

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Scott Winn

156 Torrington Rd., Winsted,
Connecticut 06098


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