iShine Cincy Elevates Pressure Washing Service, Expands Offerings for 2023

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Olde West Chester, Ohio -

iShine Cincy, a distinguished provider of cleaning services, is excited to share its prominent achievements and expansion endeavors planned for 2023. Renowned for delivering thorough cleaning solutions, the company is set to broaden its service spectrum, extending its reach to a wider client base and covering more geographic areas than previously achieved.

In the past year, iShine Cincy accomplished the substantial milestone of cleaning approximately 750,000 square feet of concrete surfaces. This feat underscores the company’s proficiency in overseeing projects on a grand scale with remarkable efficiency. In addition to these large-scale initiatives, iShine Cincy has consistently offered regular cleaning services, spanning from weekly to quarterly sessions, to thirty fast-food establishments. This ongoing commitment underlines iShine Cincy's pledge to uphold superior cleanliness and hygiene for its business clientele.

The residential cleaning domain has witnessed notable success as well, with the cleaning of 150 houses, encapsulating about 300,000 square feet of residential space. This achievement reflects iShine Cincy’s commitment to furnishing households with an environment that is not only clean but also conducive to health and safety.

Challenging endeavors, such as cleaning three water towers with heights ranging between 135 to 155 feet, have also been undertaken. These tasks not only exhibit iShine Cincy's capability in managing specialized cleaning ventures but also their adeptness at executing tasks at considerable elevations efficiently.

iShine Cincy’s portfolio expansion continued with agreements to clean 15 apartment complexes, augmenting its reputable standing in the cleaning service domain. Embarking on projects within multifamily residences has allowed iShine Cincy to deliver its eminent cleaning services to an extended clientele base.

"As we navigated through the year, our focus remained on expanding our service offerings while ensuring exceptional quality and efficiency in every project, irrespective of its scale," expressed the owner of iShine Cincy, Jacob Gilbert. "The achievements of 2023 fill us with pride, and we are elated to persist in serving our community with unparalleled reliability and excellence."

The company’s dedication to integrating cutting-edge technology and enlisting seasoned professionals has distinguished iShine Cincy from its competitors. By perpetually honing its methodologies and tools, iShine Cincy guarantees that clients are met with premium service tailored to their cleaning requirements.

"With our enhanced capabilities and a robust track record of successful undertakings this year, we are optimistic about iShine Cincy’s future," further commented Jacob. "We are eager to keep providing our clients with services that exceed their expectations, thereby enhancing their well-being and satisfaction."

To discover more about iShine Cincy and its assortment of cleaning services, interested individuals are encouraged to visit For updates and insights into the company's projects and triumphs, visit its Facebook page at

For those aiming to pinpoint iShine Cincy’s location or initiate direct service inquiries, please use the link: Here, those interested can find directions, view the service area, and make connections with iShine Cincy to satisfy all their cleaning necessities.

iShine Cincy is unwavering in its pursuit to enhance and extend its services to meet the ever-changing needs of its clients. Built upon a foundation of quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction, the company is well-equipped for further growth and achievements in the foreseeable future.

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About iShine Cincy :

At iShine Cincy, we deliver exceptional pressure washing services to our customers. Our team of experienced professionals uses advanced cleaning techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality of service.

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