Medsource USA Elevates Healthcare with Expanded Range of Innovative Tables

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MedSource USA, a respected leader in the provision of medical tables, has recently unveiled an extensive expansion of their product offering. This development aims to meet the growing and varied needs of both healthcare professionals and patients. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to produce tables that are not only functional and comfortable, but also provide exceptional durability. Their newly extended line of products encompasses Bariatric Tables, Hi Lo Tables, Mat Tables, Pediatric Tables, Traction Tables, Tilt Tables, Wood/Metal Tables, and a wide array of Table Accessories - all of which can be availed with free shipping. For more details, please visit MedSource USA.

The Bariatric Tables from Medsource USA Tables are specially engineered to accommodate larger patients in a safe and comfortable manner. These tables are rigorously tested for their sturdiness and durability, ultimately ensuring a heightened level of comfort and safety, thereby improving the patient's overall experience.

The innovative Hi Lo Tables can be effortlessly adjusted in height to aid patients with mobility difficulties. These tables facilitate an easier way for patients to get onto and off of the table, significantly improving convenience and usability.

Included in the MedSource USA product line are also the Mat Tables, which are mostly used for physical therapy and rehabilitation activities. These tables feature a flat surface, allowing patients to carry out various exercises and stretches, thereby aiding their recovery process.

Understanding the anxiety that children frequently face during medical procedures, MedSource USA now offers Pediatric Tables with fun, kid-friendly designs. These tables are specifically tailored towards children to make their medical experience less intimidating.

Craig Lesner, a representative for MedSource USA, expressed his views on the quality of their medical tables, "The durability and specificity of our products are of the utmost importance. For example, our Traction Tables are specifically designed for spinal decompression therapy. These tables can significantly alleviate back pain and promote improved spinal health," asserts Lesner.

The MedSource USA catalog has further diversified with the introduction of Tilt Tables. These tables have been designed to tilt at a variety of angles, catering mainly to patients with particular medical conditions. These tables find their primary application in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

MedSource USA has expanded its offerings further with the addition of Wood/Metal Tables. These robust tables, made from wood and metal, are built to endure heavy usage in the medical environment.

Lesner further added, "We realize that a range of medical environments require various accessories that enhance the functionality of the tables. Consequently, we also provide a diverse variety of table accessories including covers, straps, and cushions."

MedSource USA has certainly raised the industry standard in the field of medical tables. Each product is carefully designed with a focus on the comfort, safety, and needs of patients and healthcare professionals. The usability, functionality, and durability of their extensive range of tables and table accessories not only ease the provision of quality care to patients, but also address the varied requirements of different healthcare settings.

For additional information, contact MedSource USA at or call (888) 510-5100. Their customer service is available from Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM CST. MedSource USA persists in upholding its commitment to enhance patient care and experiences through its unwavering dedication to quality and innovation in medical tables.

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About MedSource USA Medical Tables :

Medsource USA is a leading provider of premium medical tables. Our vast selection of medical tables is optimized for comfort, functionality, and durability, ensuring that you provide the best possible care to your patients.

Contact MedSource USA Medical Tables:

Craig Lesner

3002 Gill Street

Bloomington, IL 61704

(888) 510-5100

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