The New York Personal Injury Attorneys at Leav & Steinberg LLP Secure Over $4 Million in Early 2024 Settlements

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Leav & Steinberg LLP is thrilled to announce a triumphant start to 2024, marked by a series of successful client settlements totaling over $4 million. This significant milestone is the culmination of the concerted efforts of their dedicated team of New York personal injury attorneys. Handling a broad spectrum of cases, from complex auto collisions to pedestrian accidents, the firm consistently showcases its extensive legal expertise and steadfast commitment to justice.

One standout case involved an $800,000 settlement for a woman who suffered severe injuries after an unfortunate incident in a Brooklyn apartment building. The victim slipped on vomit left unattended on a staircase, resulting in substantial physical and emotional harm. Despite the complex nature of the case, including the difficulty of establishing liability due to the circumstances of the fall, the firm's attorneys, renowned for their expertise as car accident lawyers in NYC, navigated the legal challenges with persistence. Partner Daniela Henriques' detailed and strategic case intake process was crucial in corroborating the client's narrative and reinforcing the legitimacy of her claim.


In another notable achievement, Leav & Steinberg LLP secured a $175,000 arbitration award for a client involved in a rear-end collision on the Long Island Expressway. This case overturned the standard presumption of liability usually attributed to the rear driver in such accidents. Partner Ricardo Martinez demonstrated the other driver's negligence through meticulous legal strategy and advocacy, leading to a favorable arbitration decision. This success affirmed the client's right to compensation and highlighted the firm's capacity to challenge and shift prevailing legal perceptions in favor of their clients.

Additionally, Leav & Steinberg LLP obtained a $300k settlement for a client struck by a school bus at a bustling intersection. Despite initial skepticism from a national law firm, the firm's unyielding representation, led by Edward Steinberg and Daniel Leav, proved instrumental in disproving the defendant's version of events and holding them accountable for the collision. This victory not only highlighted the firm's expertise in handling cases involving large vehicles but also its commitment to challenging and overturning misconceptions that may hinder justice.

Each of these settlements is in addition to the $3 million win recently secured in a complex construction accident case in New York.

Since its inception in 1999, Leav & Steinberg LLP has taken on complex personal injury cases, many of which are rejected by other firms. This approach, driven by a genuine passion for aiding clients through adversity, has both enriched the firm with valuable experience and fostered a reputation for achieving outstanding settlements. Leav & Steinberg LLP places the client's interests at the core of its practice, a philosophy that has been pivotal in building trust and delivering tangible results.

“As early as I can remember, when I started working in a personal injury firm as a file clerk, the ideas of helping those in need get the justice they deserve, always aligned with my thoughts and goals,” said Edward Steinberg.

Leav & Steinberg LLP's early 2024 achievements testify to their success in advocating for personal injury victims. These groundbreaking results reflect the firm's deep understanding of the complexities of personal injury law and a relentless pursuit of justice for their clients.

Proudly serving the Tri-State area, including Manhattan, the Bronx, and Long Island, Leav & Steinberg LLP is dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation to those injured due to the negligence of others. For more information about the New York personal injury firm's services, visit, call 212-766-5222, or stop by 75 Broad Street, Suite 1601, New York, NY, 10004.

Leav & Steinberg LLP, located in New York City, is a distinguished personal injury law firm. Known for its impressive track record, the firm features nine experienced personal injury attorneys who excel in various practice areas, including car accidents, premises liability, medical malpractice, and beyond. Dedicated to delivering justice, Leav & Steinberg LLP offers customized legal representation and works diligently to ensure clients achieve the maximum compensation they are entitled to. Their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction makes them a leading choice for individuals seeking effective legal support in personal injury matters.

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