Pricing Unveils Enhanced Mind Machine for Peak Mental Performance

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Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn Email is delighted to announce an important enhancement of the ROSHIwave IN-SIGHT Mind Machine, now including sophisticated ROSHI mind machine protocols aimed at improving mental functionality and well-being. This state-of-the-art device, founded on the concepts of Dynamic Neuro-Activation and brainwave disentrainment technology, has been perfected to feature new modes and an upgraded navigation system. These improvements offer an unparalleled meditative experience, comparable to the profound tranquility mastered by Zen practitioners.

The ROSHIwave IN-SIGHT Mind Machine, a device that can easily fit in your pocket and operates much like a click-wheel MP3 player, is both compact and rechargeable via USB. It comes with a pair of dynamic color-changing RGB RoshiGlasses and an RGB Ganzfeld RoshiVisor, which together facilitate the unique ROSHIwave stimulation through photostimulation. This process leads the brain into a deeply relaxed state, enhancing mental clarity. By doing so, it helps to break the cycle of stress and cultivates a deep-seated sense of inner peace and heightened concentration.

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Fred Williams, a spokesperson for, shared his excitement about the new launch: "We are thrilled to introduce to our customers the latest evolution of the Roshiwave mind machine, now equipped with even more comprehensive and versatile ROSHI mind machine protocols. This device embodies our commitment to providing individuals with the most effective tools for achieving peak mental states, whether for meditation, learning, or overall wellness."

Notably, the ROSHIwave IN-SIGHT Mind Machine includes not only all the classic ROSHI-style protocols but also introduces new multiplexed versions that were developed before Chuck Davis passed away. These meticulously adjusted protocols are designed to enhance brain function, support accelerated learning, and encourage deeper, more rejuvenating sleep. With its adoption by nearly 100 clinicians around the world as a superior alternative to older models, the device has proven both effective and reliable.

Amidst high demand, the upgraded device is now available, albeit in limited supply, and has been made more affordable with a substantial price reduction. Originally priced at $1,999.99, has reduced the cost to $899.99. Those residing in the EU are encouraged to get in touch with the company prior to ordering, and UK residents are directed to contact Octopus Psychology, the company's partner in the UK, for assistance.

Williams further stated, "Our mission at has always been to utilize the power of mind machines to enhance human potential. The upgraded Roshiwave mind machine represents a significant advancement towards fulfilling this objective. We look forward to observing how our customers leverage this device to achieve new heights of mental clarity, relaxation, and performance." serves as an online retailer for a wide array of brain machines, brainwave entrainment technology, AVS stimulation devices, EEG neurofeedback equipment, and meditation machines. It is also the global distributor for the RoshiWave self-meditation device. For further details about the RoshiWave and our array of services such as Light Sound Mind Machine Brainwave Entrainment, Brainwave Technology, and Frequency Following Response (FFR), visit their website at The RoshiWave self-meditation machine is currently available for purchase at For more information about the RoshiWave device, visit

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