The Center for Aesthetics, Based in Jackson, WY, is Proud to Be the FIRST to Provide AviClear in Jackson Hole and the Surrounding Area

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Jackson, WY: The Center for Aesthetics in Jackson, WY is excited to invite those suffering with stubborn acne to learn more about AviClear, which they believe may represent the future of acne treatment. Given how common the condition is and how debilitating it can be, this treatment could be life-changing for people with mild to severe acne.

“The source of acne is an overproduction of oil in the sebaceous glands,” explains CFA spokesperson. “What are the sebaceous glands you ask? These glands are found just beneath the surface of your skin, and they produce an oily substance called sebum. The excess sebum clogs pores, trapping bacteria inside which causes an infection resulting in an acne lesion. Most acne treatments aren’t usually as specific or end up using toxic chemicals.”


An overwhelming majority of teenagers are known to experience acne, and many of these individuals will find that it follows them into adulthood. As such, a cure may be all they can think about every time they look in the mirror, meet other people, or even start a new job (especially those in customer-facing roles). This is why The Center for Aesthetics has kept a sharp lookout for advancements in the field — and today they are delighted to share that they are the first to provide AviClear in Jackson and the surrounding area.

AviClear is an FDA-Approved acne treatment that utilizes laser technology to target and reduce active acne. As highly advanced as the procedure is, patients will be pleased to learn that it is non-invasive, and this means they will have to endure little to no pain as well — and no period of recovery. Most notably, perhaps, AviClear comes with no side effects whatsoever, which is excellent news in an industry that is known to include harsh chemicals and medications that can even cause inflammation and other types of damage in certain organs.

Since AviClear acne treatment is laser-based, it is free of chemicals and toxins and safe for all skin types and tones.

The CFA spokesperson elaborates, “AviClear laser acne treatment works by targeting these overactive sebaceous glands to reduce oil production and help clear up your skin. AviClear uses exclusive technology to specifically target the source of sebum, the oils on your skin. The laser energy targets sebaceous glands and helps to reduce inflammation, bacteria, and oil production.”

Those suffering from acne are likely to have been doing so for many years, a battle that may have begun as early as their teens. This may make them wary about trusting a new treatment, especially if it has the potential to take several sessions to complete. On this note, The Center for Aesthetics is delighted to clarify that AviClear is known to produce both clearer skin and an over-improved complexion in as few as three treatments.

Despite the complexity of the technology used in this treatment, patients will have to do very little. Over the course of a session, CFA explains, an experienced laser technician will use the AviClear device to carefully direct focused beams of light energy specifically to the areas affected by acne lesions. This will immediately help shut down the production of oil in those areas.

According to CFA, the client can go about their daily schedule as soon as they leave, and the technician will share some additional recommendations to ensure they get the most out of their treatment.

“If you’re looking for an effective acne treatment,” Catherine Durboraw, MD states, “AviClear laser acne therapy may be right for you. With this revolutionary method of acne treatment, you can target specific acne-causing issues and reduce oil production to achieve clear skin.”

The Center for Aesthetics invites the community to get in touch today to learn more. They can be reached by phone or email, and social media users are welcome to connect with the team via their preferred platforms.

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About Center for Aesthetics Jackson :

Center for Aesthetics in Jackson, Wyoming specializes in non-surgical aesthetic medicine; laser skin resurfacing, CoolSculpting, Botox, Dysport, RHA Dermal Fillers, Hydrafacials, Microneedling, PRP therapy, and other exclusive de-aging protocols.

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