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The ROOTiverse was founded with the intent to address the needs of humanity. Specifically, to create greatness for those who want to get back to their ROOTs and live their best life.

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393 Nichol Mill Ln Unit 250B
Franklin, TN 37067
United States of America

1 (980) 400-3245

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The Root Brands

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February 06, 2024
Franklin, Tennessee - The CEO and owner of The ROOT Brands, Clayton Thomas, became a force for change within the unrelenting pursuit of health and wellness. (read more...)
December 13, 2023
Franklin, Tennessee - A fascinating exposé in Exeleon Magazine focuses directly on Clayton Thomas, who is successfully steering The ROOT Brands into new markets, including fashion. (read more...)
November 08, 2023
Franklin, Tennessee - Nashville, TN - The nutraceutical company, The ROOT Brands, an innovative company headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, is becoming popular with its recent expansion across Asia. (read more...)
January 25, 2024
Franklin, Tennessee - In an exclusive interview with Swagger Magazine, Clayton Thomas shares insights on entrepreneurship in which he highlights the value of genuinely fostering an environment that d. (read more...)
November 30, 2023
Franklin, Tennessee - LEFAIR Magazine's recent feature illuminates Dr. (read more...)
October 09, 2023
Franklin, Tennessee - Clayton Thomas, the co-founder of ROOT Wellness and founder of The ROOT Brand, alongside his wife, Dr. (read more...)