Clayton Thomas: An Unconventional Entrepreneurial Journey

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Franklin, Tennessee -

In an exclusive interview with Swagger Magazine, Clayton Thomas shares insights on entrepreneurship in which he highlights the value of genuinely fostering an environment that draws like-minded people, but he really stresses how to build a community that supports the company's objectives. With his veterinarian background as a connected similarity, he advises others who aspire to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship by working on their strengths and limitations. In this line of reasoning, Thomas highlights the necessity of letting go and putting trust in capable individuals to manage specific business responsibilities, citing this as a necessary step towards sustained growth.

Clayton Thomas is one individual who embraces the natural and organic approach in order to succeed in a world where synthetic motives are the norm. His journey from competing in college track and field to creating The ROOT Brands® demonstrates the power of authenticity, especially when prioritizing well-being over material possessions.

Clayton Thomas

The first major obstacle in Clayton Thomas's journey began on the track, where he had a severe injury that left him emotionally and physically scarred. However, twenty years later, this setback proved to be the catalyst for his success, as it allowed him to gain knowledge in healing of the body and mind.

Growing up with parents who ran a veterinary practice, he saw the meaning of well-being through their eyes at a young age. Later in life, as he pursued his studies at Washington State University, his passion for holistic health grew, ultimately inspiring him to found ROOT Brands® and develop the systemic detoxification concept.

In 2020, the pandemic gave rise to ROOT Brands® wellness products, which quickly gained recognition across the globe. Products were transported to 27 countries in less than a month after the start, and in three years, they had expanded to over 70 countries. In 2023, $100 million in revenue was anticipated, with over 156,000 consumers expected to return at a rate of nearly 98%.

According to Thomas, the "sticky factor"—a customer-first mindset that turns happy consumers into brand ambassadors—is responsible for this achievement. He emphasizes the value of word-of-mouth marketing and organic growth in building a loyal customer base.

In essence, Clayton Thomas is the one who thinks that a business's real value is determined by its customers. Prioritizing quality over numbers, he strives for "total global domination." The company's expansion includes products like ROOT coffee, which is roasted in Cyprus using detoxified powder and comes from specific farms in Guatemala.

He also attributes his business success to his athletic background, allowing him to approach obstacles like he would in a sporting event. Thomas emphasizes the need for both business-related and physical recovery, highlighting the importance of this strategy for the long-term success of an entrepreneurial endeavor.

For more information on Clayton Thomas and The ROOT Brands, visit the interview by Swagger Magazine.

About The ROOT Brands®

Clayton Thomas founded The ROOT Brands®, a wellness brand committed to offering all-natural products and encouraging a community-driven approach to lifestyle and health. They strive to provide wellness products to every corner of the world.

About Swagger Magazine

Swagger is a community of people who embrace the audacious, the real, and the unquestionably distinctive; therefore, it’s not just a magazine. Swagger Magazine is the go-to resource for anyone looking for motivation, inspiration, and an inside look at the lives of people who define success according to their standards.

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About The Root Brands :

The ROOTiverse was founded with the intent to address the needs of humanity. Specifically, to create greatness for those who want to get back to their ROOTs and live their best life.

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