Clayton Thomas of The Root Brands Interviewed By Biohackers World

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Franklin, Tennessee -

The CEO and owner of The ROOT Brands, Clayton Thomas, became a force for change within the unrelenting pursuit of health and wellness. Thomas is a renowned role model for health and wellness with an extensive knowledge of environmental and human health solutions. He is particularly interested in formulas for detoxification and supplementation that pave the path to a healthy environment.

The foundation of Clayton Thomas' work has been his more than 25 years of involvement in the health and wellness sector. It all began at a veterinary clinic for animals southwest of Washington. Inspired by research science and integrative therapies, a unique background has continuously resulted in innovation in formula development.

Thomas has made his way in the healthcare industry through entrepreneurship by developing analytical testing software for medical practices. He has continuously noted the hazards associated with common ailments, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity, to raise the standard of care. In light of his emphasis on a comprehensive health assessment, Thomas takes a more thorough approach, considering additional risk variables.

Furthermore, he has experience in all facets of the wellness industry, having worked in sales and distribution as well as formulation production and consulting. However, his goal transcends national boundaries as he creates an entirely new business method with the ROOT social sharing community platform. It is a platform that fundamentally alters how communities engage, communicate, and hold health-related conversations.

One of the most popular ROOT Brands products is Clean Slate, a treatment for the enduring effects of environmental exposure that aims to improve long-term health. It is designed to eliminate any dangerous elements collected in the body and counteract the detrimental effects of prolonged exposure to pollution by offering a purifying experience.

Clean Slate, developed by Christina Rahm– a visionary research scientist with a biotech and pharma background– is not just another dietary product but more of an innovative quantum-cuetical.

As Clayton Thomas, an advocate for Clean Slate, expresses, "Clean Slate is designed to remove the bad stuff, the heavy metals, the environmental toxins, the glyphosate, the graphene. It's a holistic approach to addressing every key component that we need for upgrading our entire operating system."

The appeal of Clean Slate arises from its novel ability to remove heavy metals, environmental pollutants, and even graphene from the human body.

Clean slate uses patent-pending technology to assist the body in removing toxins and reducing the environmental loads. The goal of Clean Slate is to assist in reducing negative inflammation.

When the human body is suffering from chronic inflammation, it may not absorb nutrients as well. This can be a result of impaired gut function, altered enzyme production, and slowed nutrient transport. If inflammation can be removed from the human body, these processes can work better, restoring the proper functioning of the cells.

Clean Slate Starts with one drop in the morning and a second at bedtime. It is recommended to the user to go slowly with this and build up to a proper dosing of 10 drops per dose.

The goal of Clean Slate is to offer a journey to holistic health, leveraging the insights of quantum science.

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About ROOT Brands

ROOT Brands is a cornerstone of holistic well-being and was founded by Clayton Thomas. This cutting-edge company combines detoxification and supplements solutions to focus on the underlying causes of today's health issues. Its objective is to reinvent the health and wellness industry through ROOT Brands by applying scientific and business methodologies.

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About The Root Brands :

The ROOTiverse was founded with the intent to address the needs of humanity. Specifically, to create greatness for those who want to get back to their ROOTs and live their best life.

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Patrick Moen

393 Nichol Mill Ln Unit 250B
Franklin, TN 37067
United States of America

1 (980) 400-3245

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